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Galina Kallio studied International Business, Economics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University School of Economics). The marginal position of the topics of sustainable economics and responsible business in the teaching of the School of Economics astonished her, which led to her work in doctoral research and teaching on these topics.

She defended her doctorate in economics in 2018 on new forms of food economics. In her dissertation The visible hands: An ethnographic inquiry into the emergence of food collectives as a social practice for exchange Kallio explored food circles as a new way of organizing and discovered how the emergence of food circles reflects wider concerns about the unsustainability and injustice of the current food system.

In a current research project funded by the Kone and Maj and Tor Nessling Foundations, Kallio is exploring invisible work in regenerative agriculture. Kallio’s scientific work is based on practice theories and alternative economic theories, which take conceptual work as a starting point for action and the knowledge and experience of practitioners.

In addition to her research work, Kallio teaches a course in sustainable economics at Aalto University’s Creative Sustainability Master’s Program called Dialogue on Corporate Responsibility in the Global Economy, which is based on dialogic methods. She is also a founding member of the SeugolaiD Cooperative, which focuses on dialogue and networking consulting.

In addition, Kallio is actively involved in the urban citizens’ own field, run by the Herttoniemi Food Cooperative, and also participates in the development of partnership farming in Finland, which supports ecological and diverse farming practices.

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