Berkeley – Portland: the hands that destroyed America

An important part of any road trip is to have a good playlist. In our family of four, everyone gets to pick their favorite songs to add to the list. Our playlist reveals songs ranging from Johnny Cash to Sia, from Vygotski to Pulp fiction sound track, from Verneri Pohjola to Fröbelin Palikat. Many more will be added as the road gets longer behind us.

Our first legi was to get from Berkeley to Portland.

The first day we drove to Eureka, where we spent the night. We stopped for a lunch in a cute little restaurant in Mendocino named Flow after which we drove to see the glass beach in Fort Bragg. Smooth glass pieces of different colors where washed at the shores. How beautiful can waste be! There was something very ambiguous about experiencing this site.

The next stop was a drive thru tree in Legget. After this stop we took a scenic road through the Humbold redwoods state park. Avenue of the giants has definitely earned its name.

On the next day we immersed ourselves into experiencing the world famous Redwood National Park. We walked a loop at Lady Bird Johnson Grove – a beautiful path in a magical forest. A perfect loop for our soon-to-be-4-year-old and a six-year-old kids.

Next we drove to the Fern Canyon, where parts of the Jurassic Park 2 movie were filmed. We cooked lunch in the assigned picnic area by the canyon and then hiked in and around the canyon. This was one of the most impressive places I have ever been to.

Before getting to our next motel in Shady Cove we took another scenic road through the Jedediah redwoods.

On day 3 we drove to Crater Lake. The East Rim Drive was closed due to the snow so we took the West Rim Drive. We made our first stop at Sinnot Memorial Overlook to find the stunning view overlooking the lake.

We continued the drive between snow walls and warm sun, and stopped for a lunch break at Palisade point, which we reached only some 15 minutes later.

The only path taking down to the lake is Cleetwood Cove Trail, which is a 1.3 mile (one-way) steep path leading to a dock for boat tours and to the rocks from which one can jump into a 10 Celsius degree (50 F) crystal clear water (the yellow is pollen).


While we had a Manduca carrying bag for our younger child, the 6-year-old walked all the way down and then climbed up again.

Crater lake certainly was impressive and unforgettable site to visit before going to Portland.

On our way, when sitting in the car, U2 was singing about the hands that built America. Boys were sleeping in the back seat. The first three days of our trip had been full of amazing landscapes and unforgettable experiences. And yet, while listening to the song I couldn’t help but to think about all those hands that cut down 95% of the old grown redwoods that used to grow on the West coast. Or those that polluted half of the rivers and lakes in the US currently no good for fishing and barely good for swimming either. And those hands that built millions of square miles of parking space and paved road for cars, not people.

We will spend the next three days in Portland with cousins of my husband after which our road trip will finally take the turn to East.

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